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Our goal is to prepare healthcare workers for success and satisfaction in their careers.

The greatest challenge facing residential healthcare facilities today is effectively training and retaining qualified staff…

Meet ReadyCNA, a product offering from Cinematic Health Education: An interactive, story-based curriculum that trains certified nursing assistants, while improving pass rates, retention, and CNA skill levels.

Expand your CNA program’s reach and enrollment through a flexible, high-quality, interactive curriculum that delivers results.

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Healthcare Providers

The greatest challenge facing healthcare facilities today is to effectively train and retain qualified staff. ReadyCNA is the answer.

Training Providers

Expand your CNA program’s reach and enrollment through a flexible, high-quality, interactive, story-based curriculum to train CNAs.

Home Health Agencies

By combining comprehensive content for the didactic portion of a CNA program with the additional focus on specific content for HHA training, ReadyCNA+ provides an unparalleled approach to training for Home Health Agencies

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Empowers your staff and improves resident care

ReadyCNA is available to providers and training organizations in all 50 states and the District of Columbia (excluding Maine). To request a demo, please click below or email us at

ReadyCNA+ is a complete training curriculum for states that require home health aides to complete CNA training. Learn More

TNA Bridge - A new Temporary Nurse Assistant to Certified Nursing Assistant Bridge Program (TNA to CNA), is an interactive, online training curriculum designed to efficiently and cost-effectively help TNAs transition to full CNAs. Learn More

English for CNA - Reinforce key knowledge and skills needed to succeed as a CNA. Review over 150 CNA keywords and phrases. Watch examples of daily CNA tasks and situations to prepare for hands-on experience Learn More

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The Institute for the Future of Aging Services predicts an 18% increase in the number of CNA jobs over the next decade. The IFAS estimates that there are approximately 75,000 current job vacancies, and this demand is exacerbated by a very high annual turnover rate – typically in excess of 45%. In fact, turnover in the first 90 to 120 days of employment can be 90% or higher.

ReadyCNA is a comprehensive cloud-based training program to prepare individuals for careers as certified nursing assistants. The program revolves around “The Residents,” a three-hour, Hollywood-quality movie that depicts the life of a newly hired CNA. ReadyCNA’s innovative and interactive curriculum teaches the soft skills needed to succeed in this line of work – an unprecedented curricular focus.

The training is comprised of:
  • A three-hour Hollywood-quality drama broken into mini episodes throughout the 40-hour program to engage students and teach soft skills
  • Informative video interviews with real-life medical personnel
  • 180 content videos
  • Quizzes
  • Practice tests

ReadyCNA goes beyond helping students learn required skills and achieve CNA certification. It also prepares them for the emotional and interpersonal challenges of the job – as well as its rewards.

“Our vision is to apply our methodology and pedagogy to develop the most engaging and comprehensive training and certification programs for allied health professionals, including Certified Nurse Assistants. We believe this memorable, affordable training can address some of the healthcare market’s toughest challenges.”
- Tim Murray, CEO, Cinematic Health Education.